Michael PORTMANN (San Francisco, November 2019): The Habsurg Occupation Regime in Bosnia and Hercegovina. An Ottoman Perspective. Presentation at the 51st ASEEES Annual Convention (forthcoming).

Yasir YILMAZ (Vienna, November 2019): 1683: A New History. Presnetation at the Workshop "International History" (forthcoming).

Michael PORTMANN (Vienna, March 2018): Contested Borderlands: The sanjak of Smederevo between Sultan, Emperor and Rebels (1790-1820). Presentation at the Conference „Governing Borders in Southeastern Europe (ca. 1770-1830)“. 

Secil ULUISIK (Hamburg, October 2017): Chaising the Animal. Rivalry, Power, and Politics of Livestocks in Ottoman Provinces. Presentation at the Conference "Enviromental History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey".

Secil ULUISIK (Rome, September 2017): Ottoman Archives as a Source for the History of 19th Century Palestine. Presentation at the Conference "Jerusalem und Palästina im Spannungsfeld konfessionell-politischer Interessen".

Secil ULUISIK (Oxford, July 2017): A Neglected History: Chorbadzhis and Sovereignty in the Ottoman World. Presentation at the Workshop "Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire".

Anna VAKALI (Sofia, June 2017): Local Councils, Corruption and Local Resistance during the Tanzimat. The Case of Haci Tayyip in Selanik (1850s). Presentation at the ICOSEH Conference.

Secil ULUISIK (Sofia, June 2017): The Corbaci Network, Power and Conflict in the 19th Century Ottoman Provinces. Presentation at the ICOSEH Conference. 

Michael PORTMANN / Secil ULUISIK (Vienna, June 2017): Between Sultan and Emperor. Project presentation at the Workshop "Global Eurasia"

Michael PORTMANN (Liberec, April 2017): Balkan History as Migration History. Keynote Lecture at the International Conference "Migration". 

Barbara HAIDER-WILSON / Michael PORTMANN (Graz, October 2016): Anton Prokesch von Osten: (K)ein Seismograph für das Verhältnis zwischen Orient und Okzident? International Conference: "Anton Prokesch von Osten. Diplomat, Orientalist, Sammler und Schriftsteller".

Secil ULUISIK (Denver, November 2015): Untold Histories of the Ottoman Balkans: Continuity, Negotiating the Power, and Non- Muslim Provincial Elites, 1790s- 1850s. Presentation at pre-MESA conference of The American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages in Denver.



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