Secil Uluisik (Past Research Associate)

Secil holds a PhD in History with a Major in Middle East History and a minor in Comparative History from the University of Arizona, USA. Currently, she is based in Vienna, Austria for the project. A native of Turkey, she was born and lived in Turkey until she started her PhD in Arizona. During the 2013- 2014 academic year, she has extensively lived in Bulgaria and Serbia for her dissertation research.

She has been awarded dissertation research fellowship by the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS), SBSRI dissertation research support grant by the University of Arizona, and the best paper prize at the AATT’s pre-MESA conference in 2015. Under the supervision of Dr Linda Darling, her dissertation project examines politics of taxation and inter-imperial networks of non- Muslim Ottoman provincial elites in the context of local and imperial governance during the first half of the nineteenth century. Her dissertation is tentatively titled “Politics of Taxation and Non- Muslim Provincial Elites in the Ottoman Empire: The Case of Chorbadjis”.

She holds a BA degree in Economics from Boğazici University, Turkey, and an MA degree in Comparative Studies in History and Societies department from Koç University, Turkey. Her MA thesis's title is "A Nineteenth Century Sarraf in the Ottoman Empire: Mıgırdıç Cezayirliyan."

Her teaching roles have included teaching assistant, instructor, and guest lecturer at the University of Arizona between 2010- 2015. She has taught World History I & II and History of Muslim Societies I & II as stand-alone classes at the University of Arizona.

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