Michael PORTMANN (San Francisco, November 2019): The Habsurg Occupation Regime in Bosnia and Hercegovina. An Ottoman Perspective. Presentation at the 51st ASEEES Annual Convention (forthcoming).

Yasir YILMAZ (Vienna, November 2019): 1683: A New History. Presentation at the Workshop "International History" at the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research (forthcoming).

Markus JEITLER (July 2019), Schrift und Sprache - ausgewählte Schriftquellen vom 16. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert / Script and Language - seleceted written sources from the 16th to the 190th century. Presentation at the Summer School "Habsburg and Ottoman. Intensive summer school of primary sources at the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research. 

Michael PORTMANN (Vienna, March 2018): Contested Borderlands: The sanjak of Smederevo between Sultan, Emperor and Rebels (1790-1820). Presentation at the Conference „Governing Borders in Southeastern Europe (ca. 1770-1830)“ organized by the Institute for Modern and Contemporary Historical Research (research area Balkanforschung). 

Secil ULUISIK (Hamburg, October 2017): Chaising the Animal. Rivalry, Power, and Politics of Livestocks in Ottoman Provinces. Presentation at the Conference "Enviromental History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey".

Secil ULUISIK (Oxford, July 2017): A Neglected History: Chorbadzhis and Sovereignty in the Ottoman World. Präsentation anlässlioch des Workshops "Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire"

Anna VAKALI (Sofia, June 2017): Local Councils, Corruption and Local Resistance during the Tanzimat. The Case of Haci Tayyip in Selanik (1850s). Präsentation auf der ICOSEH Konferenz.

Secil ULUISIK (Sofia, June 2017): The Corbaci Network, Power and Conflict in the 19th Century Ottoman Provinces. Präsentation auf der ICOSEH Konferenz

Michael PORTMANN / Secil ULUISIK (Vienna, June 2017): Between Sultan and Emperor. Projektpräsentation anlässlich des Workshops "Global Eurasia".

Michael PORTMANN (Liberec, April 2017): Balkan History as Migration History.Keynote Lecture auf der internationalen Konferenz "Migration". 

Barbara HAIDER-WILSON / Michael PORTMANN (Graz, October 2016): Anton Prokesch von Osten: (K)ein Seismograph für das Verhältnis zwischen Orient und Okzident? International Conference: "Anton Prokesch von Osten. Diplomat, Orientalist, Sammler und Schriftsteller".

Secil ULUISIK (Denver, November 2015): Untold Histories of the Ottoman Balkans: Continuity, Negotiating the Power, and Non- Muslim Provincial Elites, 1790s- 1850s. Presentation at pre-MESA conference of The American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages in Denver.


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